Eve Online

Eve OnlineEve online is a thoroughly enjoyable game for all sorts of gamer. It’s flexible enough that you can  choose to be a peaceful industrialist, have a military career, be an all out badass as a bounty hunter or pirate…and all sorts of mixes of those things. It’s a MMORPG but you can get plenty of gaming experience on your own too if you aren’t the sort to want to wait around for friends to sign on.

It’s a hard and often unforgiving game with lots of long term goals that keep you coming back for more but you can jump into some sort of action as soon as you join up too.


There are tonnes of third party sites that can help guide you through the world of Eve (I say world but it’s set in the vastness of space with an amazing number of solar systems and space stations to visit.)

Two of the most useful links to visit while gaming (it even has an in-game browser to facilitate this if you don’t want to play in windowed mode) are:

Eve Loadouts – this link will help you plan how to set up your spaceships depending on their intended use.


Eve Killboard – this is where you can check the player on player kills you’ve made or those of any other gamer. Checkout the prowess of a target before you engage in battle 😉


Try Eve for yourself, you wont be disappointed.

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